Our apartments are located in the heart of "Alta Val Tidone" in the charming village of Grazzi (Romagnese) near Pavia, about 800 meters above sea level.

The location, between the Tidone and Trebbia valleys is ideal for a relaxing holiday in the nature.
In the surrounding woods, you can pick mushrooms, have a walk in the nature, ride horses or have a tour with your mountain bike.

The apartments can be rented for one or more days.


In the surroundings you can visit the botanical alpine garden "Pietra Corva", within walking distance, and the Natural Park "Monte Alpe".

Grazzi is strategically located and starting from there you can reach Trebbia and Staffora valleys, with short trips by car or by bike.

You can visit the ancient and historical villages of Romagnese, Zavattarello (with its fifteenth-century "Castello Dal Verme").

Bobbio is a very nice town that was already known in the Roman Age. You can't miss a walk on the Roman bridge on the Trebbia river called "Ponte Gobbo".
In the Middle Ages Bobbio became one of the main locations in Italy for religious culture. Saint Columbanus, started from Ireland, arrived in Bobbio in the year 614 AC and founded the Abbey of Saint Columbanus.

In summer, in the cloisters of the Abbey, an interesting Film Festival takes place with the artistic direction of the famous film director Marco Bellocchio.

We also recommend to visit Varzi (Staffora valley) and the little sanctuary on the top of "Monte Penice", where in the winter you can also ski.

Comune di Romagnese
Comune di Zavattarello
Zavattarello Dal Verme Castle
Comune di Bobbio
Bobbio Film Festival
Monte Penice
Monte Penice SKI
Pietra Corva alpine botanical garden
Monte Alpe natural park

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